Predictions: 5 Influencer Marketing Tactics Shaping Retail

Predictions: 5 Influencer Marketing Tactics Shaping Retail

How people shop for products is continuously changing. From brick and mortar shops to online-only retailers, the landscape of how to research, find and consume products we love is becoming profoundly impacted by influencer marketing and influencers themselves. YouTubers creating shopping haul videos and Instagramers creating personal shopping experiences via Like it to Know it apps are two prime examples of influencers marketing shaping the future of retail. Many mega influencers are even developing their own products and online stores because they understand the success of their personal brands and the strength of their following producing a return on investment.


The future of a successful retail brand will combine experiential moments and influencers content. Here are 5 predictions that marketers should invest in and look out for in the near future:


In-store photo opportunities


A well-painted mural or as stylish bathroom can go a long way when it comes to retail awareness. Everyone including the top influencers love an excellent photo opportunity to share with their friends and followers. Many stores and restaurants are now jumping on the chance to build awareness by paying more attention to the interior/exterior design of their locations. Even cities across America are jumping on this trend to generate more travel and tourism. A great example of this is the famous Nashville #WhatLiftsYou wings wall mural.


Easy Opt-in Influencer Programs


As influencer marketing becomes more streamlined for brands, companies are looking for opportunities to simplify the partnership process. We saw this years ago with guest blogging in the world of SEO when retailers were trying to climb Google’s ranking ladder. Guest bloggers would be able to easily opt-in to develop content for their website or brand of choice. Guest bloggers could usually apply through a designated landing page by filling out an application.


Brands are taking influencer opt-ins to the next level not only offering an easy application process but by also providing influencers full programs that benefit both influencer and brand. A great example of this is the Amazon Influencer Program. Amazon makes it simple for social media influencers across any network (YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest) to build their own landing page with an Amazon URL to promote and recommend products they love!


Influencer Product Shops


Many influencers have already reached an Ah-Ha moment in their careers. “Wait, if I can promote other brands, why can’t I build an promote my own.” Influencers are taking their hard earned cash and developing their own products to sell. From makeup to clothing, influencers are demanding a piece of the retail and e-commerce world for themselves.


Influencer Made Subscription Boxes  


The subscription box business model is still around and is shifting to accommodate brand business goals. From monthly “personal” shopper boxes to niche curated boxes, the trend of subscription-based deliveries are becoming more tailored which is making them more desirable to consumers. We already see influencers promoting subscription base brands across social media. However, it’s likely influencers will begin curating their own boxes of their favourite products. We will also see retailers partnering with influencers to curate their own boxes based on their favourite branded products.  


Virtual Reality Influencer Marketing/Shopping


Social media users love content created by their favourite influencers, however, liking and commenting on images or videos is becoming a limiting engagement. Live video and interactive content is the next significant trend for influencer marketing. By tapping into virtual reality, brands will be able to partner with influencers to produce a new vertical of content. Influencer’s fans will be able to log in and see what their favourite influencers are seeing. Imagine a designer brand partnering with a group of influencers to wear their clothing over a few days at Paris Fashion Week. The simple notice of tapping to like an influencers photo is going to be overshadowed by social embodiment.  Fans will be able to engage with content by virtually “becoming” their favourite online personality. .


Shop by influencer on Brand Website


Recently, we’ve seen more brands opting to partner with influencers for more long-term periods rather than a one-off campaign basis. Much like how we see celebrity brand endorsements, where the celebrity is the face of the brand. This ideal is breaking its way into the influencer space. As this becomes more popular, we will likely see brands make influencers a more integral part of their online sales funnels. A great example of this would be providing individual influencers with their own branded landing page to populate with their favourite products. This strategy could be beneficial to both parties. Brand’s benefit from the endorsement and influencers could receive a percentage of sales derived from their shop.

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