Gen X + Influencer Marketing + YouTube = Big Opportunities for Brands

Gen X + Influencer Marketing + YouTube = Big Opportunities for Brands

Influencer marketing strategies for a lot of marketers focus on more millennial type demographics. What about generation X-ers? People born between the mid-1960s and late 1970s! A generation that remembers the times without the internet but has adapted quickly to changes in our fast-growing technology-based era.


Brands have a massive opportunity to tap into engaging Gen Xers on YouTube. According to a recent study from Pixability, generation X accounts for 1.5 billion daily video views on YouTube.


In order to have a better understanding of how to reach this demographic effectively, marketers need to know what these viewers are turning to YouTube to watch. Think with Google recently released a bunch of interesting stats on what Gen x users are searching on YouTube! For content creators, marketers and brands, these findings could be an essential insight for future campaigns.


Occasional nostalgia


YouTube is a never-ending time-capsule information. Reminiscing about a concert from the 80s? It’s probably on YouTube. Remember your favourite commercial growing up? It’s probably on YouTube. Want to dance to a hit song from back-in-the-day? It’s probably on YouTube.

75 percent of Gen Xers watch YouTube videos that related to past events or people.


Staying Relevant


Gen Xers don’t want to miss a beat. That’s why 86 percent of Gen Exers watch YouTube videos to stay on top of news and pop culture.


This demographic also wants to stay in the know about what their children are talking about and doing online. They also use YouTube as a means to connect with their children and show them they are relevant and understand what’s going on in their world.


The Do It Yourself Generation


As the generation known for their independence and self-starting nature, it’s not a big shock that 73 percent of Gen Xers watch YouTube videos to learn something new. From brands looking to market to this generation, DIY, how-to, and tutorial type video content could be a golden opportunity.


The top “how-to” content categories that generation X tunes into on YouTube fall under home repair, cooling, technology use, arts and crafts, beauty and personal care. These diverse categories provide brands from various sectors to tap into a unique angle of influencer marketing.

Finding the Right Influencers


Now that you’re armed with some amazing insights on how to engage generation X demographics on YouTube. You might be wondering, how to find the appropriate influencers to partner with?


Using a predictive software like, ivvi, will ease to the process of researching and vetting influencers that are brand and campaign aligned.


For fun, let’s pretend that you’re a home renovation supplier brand that is looking to launch an influencer marketing campaign that will reach the gen x demographic on YouTube.


Our technology sorts through millions of videos to filters content and influencer based on your brand and campaign topic. ivvi does the heavy lifting for you. Once your account is set up, you’ll have direct access to brand-related content and influencers with zero research time needed.

Interested in running a campaign targeting generation x on YouTube? We can help! From insights, influencer vetting, video strategy to campaign consulting. ivvi is your start to finish influencer marketing software. Want to see a live demo? Email us here:


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