5 Tips for Creating Viral Content

Creating viral content is no simple task. But it is possible for just about anyone to do. The best part about viral content is that it has no bounds or limitations to creators. Whether you’re an individual content creator or a global company. It does not matter what industry or cause you want to spread across the internet like wildfire – virality is available to all.

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Don’t get us wrong, content virality is a very competitive space. However, by implementing a few tips and tricks you’re well-crafted content has a good chance of creating the viral impact your hunting for.


The following 5 tips will help your content hit the web’s trending charts:



1. Tell an Authentic Story


The world of social media brought us all the gift of authenticity. It’s opened an easy access the door for consumers to communicate their personal experiences with brands. And in turn, this easy access door makes it more difficult for companies to cut corners or fall short of promised expectations. Selling authenticity is mandatory for brands looking to stand out from competitors and a key ingredient of creating viral content.



Being authentic online starts by digging deep into the core of what your brand stands for. Whether you’re selling shoes, timeshares or puppies, your brand’s story, motives and partnerships are what sets it apart from the competition. Telling your story honestly and openly is the best way to encourage interest and engagement in a viral campaign.



Creating authentic content can also be achieved by partnering with a cause or movement that aligns with your brand. A quick example of this would be a bra company creating content in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.



2. Know the Trends



Timing is everything – especially when it comes to the creation and delivery of content. Virality and timing go together like the ice and the bucket in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Seasons, current events and online trends all must be considered in the content planning process. Do you think the ALS Challenge would have pulled in the same amount of participants if they launch the campaign in the dead of winter? Probably not.



It’s even possible to spot trends before they happen. Using software like ivvi will help brands pinpoint content opportunities and upcoming trends before they go viral.



3. Short & Sweet


On that note, let’s keep this section short. Online audiences are exposed to thousands of different pieces of content across numerous platforms daily. And because of this, attention spans have grown short. Content must be quick and powerful to catch a viral impact.



  • Get the point across in fewer words or seconds.
  • Use a clear call-to-action.
  • Create catchy headlines and/or caption copy.
  • Encourage social sharing.
  • Use awesome creative.


4. Tap into the power of influence


There is no doubt that content can go viral on its own (mostly due to precise timing). But timing isn’t the only way to create virality online. Partnering with influencers is a great way to fuel a campaign’s reach, awareness and push content onto trending charts.

The key to partnering with influencers is selecting the best-suited individuals or outlets to speak to a campaign. These individuals should be relatable to the brand/story being told. And their audience should resonate with the content as well.


The ivvi software helps brands with the influencer research and vetting process to ensure the best partnerships are formed to promote a piece of content or larger scale campaign.



5. Distribution & Participation


Before the content is complete and ready to take the internet by storm, a distribution plan must be in place. This tip ties in with all of the others above.



  • Who would be interested in your story? Share it with them.
  • Engage with similar trending content and share your story.
  • Much like the content created, when sharing keep it short and sweet.
  • Share and engage with influencer content as well.



But your distribution plan shouldn’t stop there. In the planning process ask your team, “how can this piece of content tie into other marketing initiatives?” Send it to your clients and customers via email. Share the content on social media. Work it into a public relations plan. The opportunities for distribution are endless. Plan early and deliver hard.


What tips and tricks do you use when creating awesome content?

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