Top 5 Halloween Content Creator to Watch Out For

Top 5 Halloween Content Creator to Watch Out For

Let’s face it, the seasonal occasions are jammed packed with awesome events. And for marketers these festivities are a competitive playing field. Without defined research, strategic planning and timely execution, the content delivered during the holidays can easily be missed against the competition. Influencer marketing is a great way to have your company stand out amongst the competition during some of the busy advertising times of the year. 

Below is a snippet from the ivvi software influencer tracking feature. We’ll pulled the top 5 influencer creating Halloween content that you should watch out for.



With millions of videos content being uploaded to YouTube daily, it can be difficult to pinpoint the best influencer to partner with for your campaigns. The above list is only a sample of the power of ivvi, there are many more influencers creating seasonal content that might be better suited for your brand or company. We’re happy to provide you with a free consultation if you want to learn more.



In light of the “scariest” occasion of the year creeping up on us, we’ve tracked the top YouTuber influencers creating Halloween content. Check out the following influencers, perhaps they’re a great match for your brand or and upcoming campaign:



1. AlishaMarie


YouTuber Alisha Maria creates video content that connects with her millennial subscriber base. Each of her videos attracts well over a million views. Over the two weeks, Alisha has created three Halloween related videos that involve food, pranks and DIY projects. Her seasonal Halloween content only has received over 6 million views in a few short period.


2. Family Fun Pack


This is one big happy family. Their motto is “fun with the family, everyday!” With 6 children, there’s never a dull moment on the Family Fun Pack’s YouTube channel. Their channel consists of over a thousand videos and 5.7 million subscribers, which attracts viewers of all ages. In the last few days, they have created two Halloween related videos that has garnered over 1 million views and counting.


3. James Charles


The fabulous James Charles is an extremely talented makeup artist that is continuously pushing the limit of beauty. With 1.8 millions subscribers and more than 70 curated videos, James has build a robust community. Over the last week, he has created three Halloween makeup and costume related videos that have reached over 2.5 million viewers.


4. Saffron Barker


The lovely Saffron Barker creates her addictive content straight out of the United Kingdom. Since launching her channel only two years ago, she’s attracted over 1.1 million subscribers, and has created over 200 videos. Her YouTube channel consists of lifestyle, fashion, DIY and challenge video content. This year she’s crafted one Halloween related video that has garnered over 220,000 video videos about eBay purchased costumes.


5.Brianna Renee


Brianna Renee is quickly growing from a mid-tier influencer into the big leagues of influence. In the last 8 months alone she’s grown her fan base to more 400,000 to land her at 892k subscribers and counting. She makes a variety of millennial targeted content, however, her speciality surrounds lifestyle hacks. She’s created one DIY Halloween costume video that is gaining much attention and has close to 100,000 views so far.



If you’re hunting for influencer for an upcoming campaign or seasonal release, ivvi can help you pull together a list and develop influencer strategy. Stay tuned for more content showcasing rising influencers by trend, occasion or brand mention.


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