#InfluencerInterview – Living to DIY with Rachel Metz

#InfluencerInterview – Living to DIY with Rachel Metz

We’ve thrilled to launch our new content series #InfluencerInterviews, where we will profile an array of awesome video creators by showcasing them their personal thoughts on the world of influencer marketing and viral video content. These interviews will give you an inside look into the minds of creative video creators while providing companies and brands insight on potential partnership opportunities and the best ways work with specific of influencers.

Meet Rachel Metz, her goal in life is to be the Martha Stewart of her generation! And her YouTube channel is proof of this statement. She loves sharing DIY projects covering home decor, baking techniques, and occasion based crafts! Rachel lives and breathes DIY on the daily and loves sharing her experience with her subscribers every Wednesday!

Scroll down to catch her thoughts of the world of influencer marketing.

Name: Rachel Metz

Channel: Living to DIY with Rachel Metz

Video Subject/Category: DIY

1. List your favourite things about creating videos.

My favorite thing about creating videos would be the amount of freedom that you have to bring your vision to life any way that you choose. For example: how you shoot it, with what lens, how you edit it and what type of music you throw in the background. I imagine it’s how painters feel when they have a blank canvas and that’s a pretty incredible feeling.

2. How do you find your inspiration to create videos?

The wonderful world of Pinterest, Instagram or it is born out of the fact I actually need it in my life but do not want to buy it.

3. What do brands need to know about creators?

That we are more than a post. Speaking for myself – everything I create whether people understand how much work went into it or not – I always put my all into it. Brands sometimes don’t understand the backend of creating something for them whether it’s an Instagram post or a YouTube video. I try to keep my Instagram as real as possible so I’m not going to throw a teeth whitening kit into the middle of it to make a quick buck. I’m in it for longevity whether that be potentially partnering up with the company that’s reaching out to me to build something together or a stepping stone to reach their market because it’s an audience I’d like to gain. I feel like brands need to realize that some influencers like myself are looking at a MUCH bigger picture and dreaming MUCH bigger than “what can I get in the mail this week.”

4. Where do you think digital will be in the next 5 years?

I definitely feel like it’s going to be all good things but hard for creators and social influencers because the market will be so saturated. My hopes is that it will make brands approach creators and social influencers more strategically rather than “let me send you this to get this from you.” I guess I hope I see it with some more realness and depth versus what it is now.

5. What are your three dream brands or organizations you want to work with?

Honestly, I set a goal at the beginning of this year to work with Home Depot, Ryobi Power Tools, Home Goods, Michael’s, Martha Stewart Crafts and Hometalk. I’ve already work with Home Depot, Ryobi and Hometalk so I’m ready to take on those other three.

6. What’s the key to working with brands but keeping your voice consist to your audience?

Don’t be fake when you talk to brands. I always say anytime someone is reading what I’ve written – it should feel like we are sitting down on a random Tuesday drinking mimosa’s. As crazy as that sounds, it’s how I approach every brand because if they want to work with me – they’re going to have to like how I speak right off the bat. I stay true to how my voice sounds in emails so I can see if the brand is down or not early on. Versus speaking to them with what I like to call “customer service voice” and then you go to post whatever they requested of you and you sound totally different then they aren’t happy.

7. How do you think brands would benefit from doing a campaign with you?

I’m going to simply say – brands only benefit when they don’t reach out to someone simply for the number of followers they have. Some of the BEST influencers may not have 100K subscribers, followers or whatever but they have the HIGHEST engagement and sincere connection with their fans.

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