How to Crack the Code of Influencer Marketing

How to Crack the Code of Influencer Marketing

YouTube Video Attracts 30 Million Views in 3 Weeks.  YouTube influencer, Logan Paul, attracts more than 30 million views in under three weeks on a single video by using pop culture film references, guest stars, and catchy lyrics to become a viral sensation.


Before the launch of the comedic music video Help Me Help You, Logan Paul’s YouTube Channel had 1.8 million subscribers and his videos, on average, attracted two million views per play. 



Since the campaign launched on YouTube, Logan Paul’s Official channel is rising at 14% view rate and Logan has grown his subscriber base by 600,000. The video campaigns’ success metrics were tracked using ivvi – an influencer and viral video insights platform.


In addition to Logan’s YouTube success, the catchy song made it to the top of Spotify’s global and viral top 50 list and iTunes trending charts, beating out music legends.


(Image source: ivvi – this is a snapshot of reach and tracking metrics available solely through ivvi)


The video’s success illustrates the massive opportunity for brands to make a viral digital impact by expanding their digital strategies with influencers. Predictive insights let top brands identify rising stars while optimizing budgets to extend campaign success.


For brand marketing teams, being able and equipped to discover a rising influencer to form a lucrative partnership is imperative to creating an authentic impact with online strategies. These types of collaboration give brands access to unique content and the ability to reach a larger digital audience with modest budgets.


“Large brands recognize there’s value within the influencer marketing space,” said Taylor Klick, ivvi’s CEO. “But scaling and quantifying value can be a challenge. We love working with innovative brands who understand rising talent will take their  influencer strategies to the next level and soar past marketing goals.”


Insights powered by ivvi enables brands to remove the guesswork that many experience when venturing into the world of influencer marketing while providing an effective means of tracking rising talent to optimize budgets and extend campaign success. To learn more about ivvi’s capabilities click here


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