How Much Should You Pay a YouTube Influencer?

How Much Should You Pay a YouTube Influencer?

As the modern day television, it shouldn’t surprise many that YouTube personalities can make a pretty penny with their video channels.


But how much money can be made? Millions! A few of the top YouTube influencers pull in more money than talk show hosts and athletes.


Surprised? Probably not, if you’re a marketer attempting to reach millennials because there’s a good chance you know some millennial find YouTube stars more relatable than traditional celebrities.  40% of people say they’ve purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer on YouTube.


How Much Do YouTube Influencers Make?


If you do a quick google search, it’s easy to find estimates of how much the top YouTubers make per year. You might want to sit down for this, but below is a snapshot of the top 5 richest video personalities on YouTube:

  1. PewDiePie – Estimated income for 2017: $15 Million
  2. Roman Atwood – Estimated income for 2017: $8 Million
  3. Lilly Singh – Estimated income for 2017: $7.5 Million
  4. Smosh – Estimated income for 2017: $7 Million
  5. Rosanna Pansino – Estimated income for 2017: $6 Million

If you want to research potential earnings of any YouTube influencer, even your own personal YouTube channel you can! The screen grab below is from Influencer Marketing Hub (which kindly featured ivvi on their website).

You simply insert any YouTube channel name or a video url and voila, this interactive chart will provide earning estimates.

For example purposes, we populated the YouTube Money Calculator with Lilly Singh’s YouTube channel – Superwoman and  one of her most viewed videos, “How to be a YouTube Star – (ft. The Rock).



The calculator estimates Lilly’s YouTube career has bank her over $5 million with an average earning of $8,000 per video.


Her video with The Rock brought in over 13 million views along with an estimated $24,000. Remember these numbers are estimates and don’t not reflect an influencers actual earnings.


The calculator uses four main categories to estimate earnings:

  • CPM vs CPC
  • Estimated gross earnings per 1,000 views
  • Estimated earnings per subscriber
  • Estimated earning based on video engagement


How Much Should You Pay a YouTube Influencer?

Though knowing the potential income of online influencers is interesting, many marketers are more interested in knowing how much a brand should pay an influencer for a campaign.


How much you should pay a YouTuber is a loaded question. There are many facets to consider.


  • Type of campaign/promotion (goals and objective)  
  • Tier of influencer (popularity, content quality, engagement levels, growth rate, etc)
  • Content expectations (number of posts, duration, brand mentions, quality, etc)


Most marketers will review subscribers, video frequency, engagement and growth rate to determinate the value of promotion content with a specific influencer. However, a brand’s internal influencer campaign payment structure isn’t as easily Googled as a YouTuber’s salary.  


Like all business, how much you should pay a YouTuber comes down to negotiation. However, you need to know your budget’s limit and play within to ensure you bring in a return on investment.


Using software and tools, like ivvi can help you evaluate influencers by tracking their performance, video quality and comparing them to other influencers. This way, when you do approach them about a campaign partnership you have a good understand of how valuable their personality and content is to your brand.


We’d love to hear about your influencer campaign experiences. How do you evaluated how to pay an influencer? Shoot us an email –

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