5 Ways to Integrate Influencer Campaigns into 2018 Marketing Plans

5 Ways to Integrate Influencer Campaigns into 2018 Marketing Plans

New year, new annual marketing plan. In the months leading up to 2018, most brands and business were working tirelessly to finalize their new and improved marketing plans. Out with the old and in with the new, marketers must continuously evolve with trends to keep their brands top of mind with customers. However, many of us utilize similar marketing channels which have become annual staples in our overall business plans. Influencer marketing is becoming one of those staples for many brands, but acts as an infant tactic much like social media was about a decade ago.

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Selling through standalone marketing mediums that can be considered “new” (such as influencer marketing) to bosses and decision makers can be difficult. However, incorporating this tactic into existing strategies will be easier to sell-through for trial purposes.


The following article walks through five marketing mediums that can be paired with influencer marketing in 2018 to boost campaign success and prove influencer marketing is worth investing in:


1. Email Marketing Campaigns


The main reasons why email marketing is so successful is because of exclusivity and directness. When customers give a brand their email address they are basically saying, “Ya, I’m interested! Call me.” Which means this could be a great medium to incorporate influencer marketing tactics with branded newsletters, and promotional outreach.


Influencers provide brands with a unique spin and perspective on products, services and movements. They also provide brands with unique, high-quality content. Using this content in an email campaign is a great way to freshen up content and increase engagement – higher open rates, more link clicks, increased shares or improved sale conversions.


If your email marketing management is strong you should be able to segment your campaigns by demographics that match those of the influencers you’re working with.


2. Event Marketing Opportunities


A tale as old as time – in other words –  event marketing!


Event marketing is face-to-face contact with existing and prospective customers. For marketers, if executed effectively, it’s a goldmine opportunity.


Over the years, we’ve watched event marketing strategies evolve from print handouts to contesting to digital sign-ups to tweet walls, we all know this list goes on. Which brings us to influencer event marketing, an idea that can be scaled by budget or by brand.


Social media influencers are the new (more accessible) celebrity. By inviting influencers to a marketing event, you can extend an offline opportunity to reach millions of people online.

Your event influencers can be as small-scaled as event attendees or as large as a YouTuber with millions of subscribers. Either way, the main benefit is the unique content created by these individuals. How a brand uses this content after the event is important as well. Can you incorporate this into an email marketing campaign?


3. Website Customer Journey


All websites have a similar goal. Unfortunately, all website goers use it differently. Web developers and UX designers have a tough job. They work with one platform in hopes of providing an exceptional experience to all its distinctive users.


Influencer onsite partnerships could help feed website users through your sales funnel. For example, let’s use a tech brand to illustrate how onsite influencer partnerships could help. YouTube tech influencers are continuously developing content about the latest gadgets with tutorials, unboxing and how-tos.


Have a few gadgets for sale online? Partner with a rising tech influencers to create unboxing videos that inform visits of tech specs. If you provide the influencer with creative freedom they will likely share the content with their followers as well.


4. Social Media Calendars


Creating new creative social media content isn’t a simple task – especially if you’ve been developing owned content for years. Partnering with influencers can we a great way to cultivate new content that will engage your existing social media audiences.  


Having influencers create unique content doesn’t have to be a heavy task. It can be as simple as providing them with a product and having them share on their social media channels. Once they have shared the content, you can ask to repurpose this on owned channels as well.


If you’re working with influencers on any of the shared tactics above make sure to incorporate this into owned social media channels as well.


5. Product Launches


Have a new exciting product launching this year? Why not launch it in a new exciting way!? Partnering with influencers is an excellent way to increase awareness and engagement surrounding a product launch.


Before the product hits the shelves makes sure it hits a select group of influencers first. Selling the product online? Have influencers review or test the product and developed their own content surrounding the launch. Take it one step further and provide each influencer with a unique promo code to understand how content is tied to sales.


These are just a few tactics of how you can incorporate influencer marketing into your 2018 business plan. Did we miss one you’re putting to the test? Share in the comments below. 🙂

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