5 Rising YouTube Influencers Making Back-to-School Video Content

5 Rising YouTube Influencers Making Back-to-School Video Content

Influencers come in many “shapes and sizes,” more precisely digital marketers have tiered influencers into micro-influencers and macro-influencers. Simply put, macro-influencers have a large following and hold a type of online celebrity status. Where micro-influencers have smaller followings; however, hold a great influence over their followers. Many marketers are shifting from macro-influencers to working with a handful (even hundreds or thousands) of micro-influencer to extend their budgets and overall brand reach. For marketers it a smart move; however, the difficult part is finding the right micro-influencers before they grow into macro-influencers.



Using software like ivvi simplifies the hunting process. In light of school being around the corner and frequent back-to-school content trending on YouTube, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 rising back-to-school content creators tracked on ivvi. Check out the following influencers, perhaps they’re a great match for your brand:


1. Sarah Betts


From Brisbane, Australia, this lifestyle and beauty YouTuber creates consistent fresh video content. With 866,000 subscribers, Sarah Betts is growing quickly since launching her channel in 2013. She’s published 117 videos, which has garnered over 39.5 million views. Over the last month, Sarah has created 10 back-to-school focused videos from her subscribers which have pulled in millions of views.


2. NameBran


This Canadian sneaker obsessed fashion lover is Branden. He is making a brand name of his owned under his YouTube channel NameBran. His lifestyle and male fashion video content have attracted over 33.5 million views over the last five years. With close to 250,000 subscribers Branden is considered a micro-influencer with a largely targeted reach.  He paired back-to-school with a sneaker giveaway for his subscribers and pulled in other over 40,000 views.


3. Denzel Dion


The darling Denzel Dion is known to speak his mind and as a lover of fashion. His YouTube channel is 4 years old and has over 21 million video views. He combines pop culture, fashion, trends, and challenges to create his own unique brand. With over 472,000 subscribers, Denzel is growing consistently and attracted more fans on the daily. Over the last month, he has published three back-to-school related videos that have pulled in almost 100,000 views.


4. Floral Princess


Anastasia is her name in the UK but her global YouTube persona is Floral Princess. Since launching her lifestyle and fashion channel four years ago, she’s steadily grown to 317,000 subscribers and counting. Heading back to school soon herself, Anastasia speaks with experience in her three recent school-related videos.


5. SzeSze Fertitta


SzeSze Fertitta is tiny in size but mighty in influence. Over the last three years, she’s created 84 videos comprised of DIY, giveaway, challenge, unboxing, and vlog content. In the last month, she’s released seven back-to-school related videos which combined have garnered close to a million view videos.


In Conclusion


If you’re hunting for rising influencers to market your brand, it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. ivvi can help you pinpoint micro-influencers that has great reach and a growing network of subscribers. Stay tuned for more content showcasing rising influencers by trend, occasion or brand mention.  


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