4 YouTube Influencers VS. 4 Celebrities – Who Does it Better

4 YouTube Influencers VS. 4 Celebrities – Who Does it Better

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you’ve read the following stat (in some rendition), X% of millennials relate more to YouTube influencers than traditional celebrities.


Though we know from experience that this stat is true, we think there’s only one way to bring this ever popular stat to life – put YouTubers up against Celebrities using data!


Before diving into comparisons, let’s look at a few possibilities of why millennials are resonating with YouTubers:


  • Easy Access: YouTube captures more viewers aged 18 – 34 than any cable network with more than one billion unique users each month. (source: AdWeek)
  • More engaged: Compared to videos created by mainstream celebrities, videos created by the top 25 YouTube stars yield three times more views, 12 times more comments and two times more actions (thumbs ups, shares, clicks, etc.). (source: Forbes)
  • Trendsetters: Most millennials agree that YouTubers set more trends than traditional celebrities these days. (source: Forbes)


YouTube Influencers Vs. Hollywood Celebrities


Now it’s time to battle it out by putting four of the top YouTube influencers up against four of the top celebrities on YouTube.


For this example, we’ve pulled a few faces most of our readers and in-the-know marketers should be familiar with. Why did we pick these names? Because we’ve encountered their video content as trending within the last month!  


YouTube Stars

Hollywood Celebrities

Dude Perfect

Five best friends (and a panda) pair sports and comedy to create highly engaging video content.

Shay Mitchell  

Pretty little liars star loves to create DIY, beauty and lifestyle videos for her millions of subscribers.

Liza Koshy

“Just a little brown girl with big dreams” – Liza mixes her everyday life with comedy and releases new addicting videos each week.

The Rock

You can now “smell” what the rock is cooking on his YouTube channel. He creates a variety of entertaining and hilarious videos.


Her channel is built on beauty tutorials, life hacks and skits.

Kim Kardashian

Kim created her channel a few years back to promote some of her personal brand items.

Casey Neistat

Casey has a passion for travelling the world with a camera and taking on new challenges while inspiring others to dream and go big!

Will Smith

In west Philadelphia born and raised! Will just launch his YouTube channel that follows him around the world as he makes people laugh and smile!


We pulled all the YouTube influencers and Hollywood celebrity accounts into ivvi, our leading influencer marketing software to get a better idea of how these individuals compared by their YouTube engagement stats (which includes a total number of video views, subscribers, videos and comments).



The above screen grab from the ivvi software is organized by the number of subscribers (highest to lowest). For most channels the total number of video views are parallel to the number of subscribers (with the exception of Liza Koshy, which is an indication of rapid subscriber growth).



Based on the chart, ivvi indicates that YouTube stars have much higher numbers in relation to video views and subscribers. Simply put, this means that partnering with a YouTube influencer (similar to the ones named above) for a campaign will get more eyes on your content over partnering with a celebrity.


Outside the Stats


If you browse the YouTube channels above there are a few main differences that can be noticed between the YouTube influencers and the celebrities channels.


  1. Published Content: Celebrities publish more content related to their personal brands or journeys rather than YouTube influencer who create more content tailor to their audiences.
  2. Production: Many of the Celebrity channels have higher video production value. It’s evident that the celebrities have help from a video crew to make their content, where the YouTube influencers are more hands-on and develop most of their content themselves. For YouTube influencers, this is an added benefit as viewers see this as being more authentic and more relatable.
  3. Frequency: YouTube influencers post videos more frequently than celebrities. This is mainly because for YouTube influencers creating content on these channels is their main source of income.


Who costs more?


This is the question every marketer wants to know. However, unfortunately, there is no blanket answer because each influencer/celebrity and each brand work privately to come up with campaign details, including compensation.


Nonetheless, from our experience, we know that typically YouTube influencers are easier to connect and negotiate with. Again, as mentioned above, for YouTube influencers their channels are their main source of income and they are actively looking for new exciting partnership opportunities that match their personal brands.


Luckily, there are ways to get a rough estimate of how much you should to pay a YouTube video creator! Our friends over at Influencer Marketing Hub developed this amazing YouTube Money Calculator tool! See below for a few screen grabs for a sneak peek of how it works.


Influencer Marketing Hub uses 4 main factors to determine potential average YouTube earnings:


  1. CPM vs CPC (Cost per 1000 impressions vs cost per click)
  2. Estimated Gross Earning Per 1,000 Views
  3. Estimated Earnings Per Subscriber
  4. Estimated Variance Based On Video Engagement


Because of these means of measurement, this tool may indicate that it costs more to work with a YouTube influencer over celebrity; however, this is not the case. For example, Kim Kardashian charges an estimated $200,000 USD for a single image post on Instagram.


Outside of cost, there’s value behind the influencer/celebrity as well. Who do you want to be an ambassador for your brand? And what type of audience do you want more brand exposure with?


The Takeaway


The data shows that YouTube Influencers do it better than traditional celebrities when it comes to content creation, engagement, and video reach!


Using the same budget that you would to partner with one Hollywood celebrity could be used to partner with multiple YouTube influencers and will increase branded content, content engagement and overall campaign reach.


If you need help finding the right influencers or strategizing for your next campaign, we can help!


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