4 Empowering Mothers Day Influencers To Keep on Your Radar

4 Empowering Mothers Day Influencers To Keep on Your Radar

Women lead, women empowered, and women related content is a much more than an internet movement. Recently, we’ve seen a push for gender equality that’s taking the world by (a long overdue) storm.



YouTube has been a major vehicle for driving equality messaging around the globe. From Hollywood celebrities and mainstream media to social media influencers and everyday people, women (and men) are fighting for change.



With Mother’s Day around the corner, these strong conversations and movements will continue to grow and spark new conversations. Many big brand names are also participating by changing employment contracts and wages. Brands looking to extend their influencer marketing strategy to be a part of the equality rights movement rather than push sales have big opportunities to showcase their companies views and build brand consciousness with new and existing audiences.


Important note to all brands (big or small) not all holidays or season occasions (like Mother’s Day) should be used to push product/service sales. With this in mind, let’s review a few awesome YouTube content creators that that are developing amazing mothers/women related content.



The following YouTube influencers could be a great partnership opportunity for those looking to develop unique conscious women empowered campaigns that are aligned with their brand mission:




The above is just a snapshot of amazing YouTube influencers making family and motherhood related content. This list is a sample of the power of ivvi, there are many more influencers creating content in these categories that might be better suited for your brand or company. We’re happy to provide you with a free consultation if you want to learn more.




Scroll down to get a little more background on the top 5 Mother’s Day influencers sourced from ivvi:


1. WhatsUpMom

This channel all started with two mothers looking to inspire and empower other moms through their parenting journeys. Now, they are the #1 parenting channel on YouTube with over 2 million subscribers and over 35 million video views per month!

2. Missy Lanning 

As a mother of 4, Missy Lanning is a content creator extraordinaire! Her channel showcases a true essence of a woman following her dreams while motivating women around the world to do the same. Since launching her channel she’s attracted over 670K+ subscribers and over 141 million video views.


3. Do It On A Dime

Kathryn is a woman on a mission to motivate and inspire people to live a more organized lifestyle on a budget. As a mother herself, she is an inspiration to many women and recently launched a second YouTube channel dedicated to parenting. Combined both her channels have over 660K subscribers!


4. The Daily Davidsons


This beautiful family of 5 have a lot of fun on their YouTube channel! With three young boys, the Daily Davidsons make a variety of parenting, lifestyle and vlog type content for their fans. This fun-loving family is an inspiration many mothers around the globe! With 233K+ subscribers and counting, this is a family that should be on your radar.



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